Thursday, June 7, 2012

pre-release test cover

An example of the geometric lathe work on the record cover; this is an initial tester for an upcoming Audient dubplate. pen and ink - words and straight lines created by plotter. This is not a final design layout but all folktek releases will have geo lathe drawn images.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the record lathe

Constructed by Arius Blaze, used for all folktek records dubplate releases.

geometric preliminaria

Works by Arius Blaze created with the geometric lathe. The geometric lathe is a 3-axis plotter designed and built by Arius - meant to create waves with pen and ink. Inspired by Eric Archer's "money synthesizer" - a computer-based visual waveform generator lathe like that used to create the intricate patterns on money.

Arius created a motorized version to complete the same task on a larger scale, without the need for a computer and with a direct, hands-on ability to alter the waves and create something capable of delving into chaos. With control over the multiple arms of the lathe as well as speed, there are an infinite variety of complex designs and ways to manipulate them.

The lathe is used in conjunction with a plotter (made to write the words and logo) to create the record cover designs for the dubplate releases.

The following works will be available via folktek records proper as sets of 13.

::: 17"x11", ink on fine paper